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Message Subject Korea - More saber rattling b.s. or an ominous sign of impending war?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just fucking do it already so we can get on to the grand finale. I'm sick of trying to figure out which country is going to shoot their load first. Either do it or don't, but don't leave us all waiting for some big event that never happens. This is the problem with the world today, nobody has the balls to stand up for shit anymore because they know that it will suck for a while and they are not sure if it will get better afterwards. Could one of these stupid countries just go ahead and fucking do it so we can all get to Act III of this fatalistic tragedy. We already know what happens in the end if we have ever read a book. "Good" guys win, "Bad" guys lose, some people cry, others rejoice, bankers get rich either way, poor stay poor or die off, and the show goes on. Fuck all you saber rattling wimps, grow a pair and do this shit Gangnam style.

 Quoting: Gangnam style bitches 22899606

I agree.... Gangnam style all the way.
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