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Message Subject Korea - More saber rattling b.s. or an ominous sign of impending war?
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content
I enjoyed that read and it is madness the state of the current global situation that we are all in; not many people seem to comprehend that actual atmosphere and danger that we are all actually in, I'm not a loon who plays with tin foil hats but what you have put forward is one of the best reads I personally have had on this site in a long time . . . one thing I have noticed on here is when people put feeds they seem to be excitable over the thought of a massive war of which human would never be the same, from what people have put it seems as if they play games on PS3 or X-box and they think that is what war is the way I see things is that when it does kick of I would be surprised if I was sent to battle for long if at all I could only see it coming down to having to fight my next door neighbour friends ordinary people (if we haven't been vaporised) just for a peace of food or some clean water clothing the bear essentials some people may say that what I'm saying is crap but I can only put across my view and what I hope never happens.

Take care when the time comes.
 Quoting: Anderson_G

very true statement, in my other thread, about a movie called Threads which I watched last night, it really captures what would happen in a nuclear war, nobody wins, nobody, land destroyed, crops failed, nuclear winter, radioaction for years and years, even simple things like, trying to bury thousands of bodies, no fuel for diggers, or even to burn the bodies, very scray stuff, anyone one who thinks having a nuclear war would be exciting need there head examined!
 Quoting: Resdes

Exactly there seems to be only a few people who actually look at the bigger picture hear and you bought up a good point that I didn't and that was waste handling I.E bodies and the shear thought of a Nuclear war turns my skin its sad to say that the lucky ones wouldn't have survived in my opinion the only way this current world state could ever sort it self out would be war as it would lead to a clean slate in societies across the globe as there would be no governments left to help us all kill ourselves,as at this moment we are unable to look at a future without the need for I.O.U's money ( seriously read a bank note its a promise to pay ) there is more debt in this world then what there is actual money which is another weird statement about our current climate. I hope War never comes about but as the O.P stated and I agree its always best to be prepared for the worst.

Always expect the unexpected and beware of nasty things pretending to be nice.
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