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Message Subject Korea - More saber rattling b.s. or an ominous sign of impending war?
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content
Our respective government military authorities will do what they all ways do. Cajole. Order. Panic. We as a People need to get our individual acts together. There is way too much going on in terms of disinfo and psyops, add into the mix the impending war and economic implosion that is to come and you have one hell of a mixed recipe of Hell in the making. What we do now will determine much, it pays to stay in informed and to be knowledgeable because the issues that happen in one corner of the world invariably has an affect at the other end, much to the masses ignorance. Do what you must gang, but keep those eyes open and make the posts that counts, even the doubtful ones because they sometimes exposes a hidden truth that might be vital to our continuation as a people.

Situational awareness rules...
 Quoting: Ranger XRay

well said.
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