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Message Subject 2016 Obama's America - Movie is NOW on Cable ON DEMAND ---- This is something EVERYONE should watch
Poster Handle Dease
Post Content
My husband and I saw the movie when it first came out, and I'm really glad we did. I went in not knowing what to expect. Instead of just blasting Obama, the movie goes into great detail explaining his history, his relationship wtih his father, and his relationship with friends and people he considers his "mentors".

The majority of the people he is associated with have highly anti-American views. Many of them would be considered communists.

The movie talks alot about nuclear bombs. Since Obama took office he has minimized the number of US nuclear bombs, while allowing foreign nations to continue developing theirs. Basically, he has weakened America down while helping nations like Iraq and Iran to build thier strength.

America is no longer the powerhouse nation it once was. We are on equal playing field with other nations. If we were to be attacked today, we would be in trouble.

I like how the movie presented facts, and allowed you to think for yourself. They didn't tell you that Obama was a communist, or that he was to be feared. They didn't tell you that his plan was to demolish America. If you didn't see that though, you must have been blind.
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