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Message Subject Must See: Crude oil now covers much of giant sinkhole Flowing into surrounding area (ENHANCED PHOTO)
Poster Handle scorpio66
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Somebody mind telling me what all this is about? I've been seeing the threads, but have not been bothering with them...my mistake. Anyone willing to catch me up a bit with some cliff notes or something?
 Quoting: Mrbillybadass

Here is my this-is-what-i've-picked-up-from-reading-glp-threads-this-week understanding. This is not to say that I believe or don't believe any or all parts, just what I've been picking up from my reading. That said, there DOES seem to be a pretty good case for potential doom in a big, big way. Here goes:

BP had the gulf disaster - some say they hit a fault line in the gulf (the new madrid to be exact). some say they secretly nuked the hole as the only way to cap it. some say they used weather to mask the nuking. some say this hitting the fault line was accidental and, conversely, some say it is all on purpose.

They used "synthia" which is from my understanding a man-made bacteria? or some sort of virtual lifeform anyway that they dumped into the gulf as it would "eat" the oil, thus cleaning it up.

Synthia may or may not have evolved into some other lifeform. Synthia may or may not have advanced beyond the gulf and made it's way, via the gulf hole, into the surrounding earth where it has been steadily eating away at the protective layer that surrounds the naturally occuring methane gas that is under all of the earth in giant pockets. This may or may not have caused the LA sinkhole.

Synthia may or may not be in the water, may or may not be in the aquifer, which seems to be a giant underground(?) water mass that extends along 7 states. This is not the drinking water (yet) but could be? I think somewhere there is confirmation that something is in the aquifer that is bad news, but I can't recall exactly what.

Synthia eats oil. Human flesh contains oil. It may or may not be responsible for all of the increased "flesh eating bacteria" cases in the area this year, the current meningitis outbreak, the zombies oh and also the brain eating amoebas. The Isaac storm may have recently "picked it up" in the gulf and spread it in a path fairly closely related to the meningitis cases. TN particularly seems hit hard and the storm allegedly "stalled" there for a time.

Then there is the salt mines which I don't really understand fully but it seems they are areas under the earth which are not always secure depending on pressure. There is a giant salt mine patch under the SE USA which, if compromised (the sinkhole is next to a former salt mine) could cause a chain reaction of them all collapsing and so forth. I think they are sort of like caverns. If water is seeping in, it dilutes the salt and then causes the caverns to cave in. Again, I am not for sure on this salt mine stuff but that's the general understanding i've picked up.

The BP hole, the sinkhole and all these salt mines are connected in such a way that a giant bajillion (not sure the exact number, but, you know, BIG) times the nuclear bomb explosion could all explode and trigger the new madrid fault and crack the US in two.

There's a navy map (from the 80s?) that shows the new US with a lot of FL, TX, LA, etc (7 states I believe) either completely or mostly underwater.

The "dawgs" are posters that claim to have an inside scoop but just post riddles that seem to eventually prove true.

Oh, there's also a bajillion gallons of methane lurking down there too which could also explode. And, um, gas pipelines criss crossing the whole mess.

Whether or not all of the synthia and weird bacteria and fungus cases are related, anyone's guess. If you read through all of the related threads, you'll be able to see why there is a pretty good case for it.

The seemingly larger issue, however, is that that whole area could "blow" and in what could be a potential ELE. Did I mention there are 15 nuclear plants along the new madrid?

Yeah, it could be very bad. It seems bad. Is it going to all come together any time soon? Who knows? Is it eventually likely to be a huge disaster, probably. The sinkhole got bigger this week.

Remember, I never said these were the facts, just my "regular person" understanding from what I've been reading here all week. I will say, there have been quite a few chilling discoveries along the way that have really been scary and seem to point to true doom. Your mileage may vary.
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