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Message Subject Must See: Crude oil now covers much of giant sinkhole Flowing into surrounding area (ENHANCED PHOTO)
Poster Handle alexisj9
Post Content
Crude oil and seawater. Quit asking about matching the samples. That has been done, a long time ago. They don't want you knowing the result because that only leads to the inevitable question, "How do we fix it?"

We don't.

You were warned.

Dawgs right again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18962231

Now someone needs to check it's FINGERPRINT and see if there is a match with the unweathered crude coming out of the MACONDO WELL!
 Quoting: Childoflight 11707592

That's what I am wondering...is this shit a tiny little leak of the gigantic area of highly pressurrized oil and natural gas under the GOM that is going to vaporize the SE US?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25529676

Well the dawgs say the test have been done and match but they won't tell people, I would think those tests were done ages ago, so this makes sense to me. They would have tested the oil straight away.
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