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Message Subject Must See: Crude oil now covers much of giant sinkhole Flowing into surrounding area (ENHANCED PHOTO)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.edsuite.com]

Here's a photo of the dimentions of the sinkhole without the enhancement on the oil.
 Quoting: alexisj9

look fools. if and when that cavern collapses, then you'll have a SINK HOLE!

what's yer question?

 Quoting: dr.einstein

This "dr e" who has arrogance enough to co-opt a great man's name is trying to derail these threads. Insulting & arrogance by corporations and greedy people who think they know more than everyone else got us into this mess. Consider the ignore button if you would please, we have no time to banter with a self proclaimed know-it-all. Wisdom doesn't need to resort to callous insults and arrogant posturing that "dr e" exhibits.

Any change in anyone's gps by the way near this area? and electronic journals with back-up files for all those in the area notating sickness, elevation, smell, chemicals, booms, etc., are my thoughts for all those in the area. Keep track of each other - safety in #'s. I'm sure many have thought of this but it never hurts to have a friendly reminder.
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