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Message Subject 1967 - Tibetan Monk Astral Projects 45 Years to 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We have all heard about the remote viewing monks who, in 2004, remote viewed into the year 2012. Now, we have testimony of a monk astral projecting in 1967 to the year 2012. Here is what he saw in the Akashic Records...

snippet: The people from outer space will demonstrate peaceful intentions, and that is a thing sadly lacking on this Earth. In time the people from outer space shall settle down with the people who are native to this Earth, they will intermarry, all races will inter-marry so that at last there shall be only one race and it shall be known as the Race of Tan because the mixture of all colours, white, black, yellow, and brown, will result in a very pleasant tan shade.

At this stage in the evolution of the Earth it shall be the Golden Age, the age of peace, the age of tranquility and of high occult [or 'multi-dimensional'] knowledge. It shall be an age when Man, whether terrestrial Man or extra-terrestrial Man, shall get along harmoniously.
 Quoting: in5d

Thats simply a load of bulls**t astral channellings. There will eventually be vast UFO Interstellar Vehicles that will arrive in the Inner Solar System by 2033-2034. The Ringmakers Of Saturn will purify the atmosphere of Planet Earth. HOWEVER no direct contact (CE-4 & CE-5) with Humans will occur. The White Aryan People also came genetically from the Cosmic Heavens originally. Many authors have written about that.
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