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Message Subject 1967 - Tibetan Monk Astral Projects 45 Years to 2012
Poster Handle Dickstrusss
Post Content
Astral projection is heavily influenced by demonic forces, just sayin. I'm not sayin its evil, but it can be, as i said, heavily influenced by evil.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23625950

grizzy Astral projection is just out and out Satanism. Here's an interesting illustrated Chick tract that mentions the subject.

CRAZY WOLF... [link to www.chick.com]
 Quoting: Judethz

That story is so fucking stupid that it`s unbelievable.So Jesus, no matter how much he would love to, can`t save you from hell because you didn`t believe in him? What`s that, some sort of truce with the He-devil? The fuck you talking about?
If I`m a nice guy all my life, I help people-let`s say-even from death, but I`m a atheist for instance, I`m going to hell, right? Because, in the eyes of Jesus, being a good person is not enough, right?
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