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Message Subject 1967 - Tibetan Monk Astral Projects 45 Years to 2012
Poster Handle Matrix-V
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 Quoting: in5d

there is so much wrong with that it ist even funny...

the legend of the 'akashic records' comes from Asia and, as usual with religion, has a mystical glow about it meant to keep the beLIEver a bit off balance.
What are the akashic records? In reality, this term refers to the collective knowledge that is contained within EACH higher self. When someone says they want to access the records, they would actually go within themselves to attempt to tap into their higher self vast knowledge banks.

Just as religions etc, demand you to look for the non-existent, EXTERNAL deity, so do those who have coined the words 'akashic records' , want you to look for an external source of knowledge and wisdom. this is part of the polaric deception that continues in certain of higher than third densities.
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