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Message Subject 1967 - Tibetan Monk Astral Projects 45 Years to 2012
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't know which is funnier:-

Everyone will be a pleasing shade of tan

People will get along harmoniously
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25476923

Once the suppression of the mind is lifted,
then one's natural gifts which would have
come as naturally as learning to transition
from crawling to walking will include being
telepathic to the point that if someone is
going to do you harm, or help you, etc.,
those intentions will be as clear as your
cognition of being wet or not, standing in
the rain.

Some already are able to do this. Imagine
if humankind were not subjected to all the
chemical and electrical suppression via
food, water, air, vaccines, electrical noise,
etc.? This is the only way, right now, the
PTB can keep us numbed and dumbed. Its by
design. It would be refreshing if we were
reset and our natural talents and intentions
could be fully realized.

In the past, other colors have existed.
For example, genetics of the the blue or
violent people were eventually bred out
of humans. Some still remain but for the
most part, not.

[link to www.nclark.net]

Neither whites or blacks are reproducing
enough to maintain their racial distinction.
Eventually the blend will resemble the color
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