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Message Subject If food stamp program is closed 'riots will start next day!!!
Poster Handle sos
Post Content
Of course there will be riots. That's all these people know how to do when things aren't handed to them for no other reason than breathing and breeding.

You don't expect them to try to grow food or work do you? You don't expect them to forgo frozen pizza for dried beans do you?

Not all food stamp recipients are the same and we should recognize that. About half are only short term recipients. They use the program as it was meant to be used. To them it is a stop gap measure to get them by for 3-6 months until they can recover from some adverse event.

It's the other ones that will create the problems. That half that has been on stamps for years and expect to have them until they die...... cuz it dey entitlements mane. Entitlements.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25527599

Wont be that way this time around.Wont recover from adverse events that quickly.Nothing left to recover with.Food stamps are here to stay unless it gets so bad they no longer issue them...then it gets worse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 921238

They will not give food stamps .They will distribute ....bread and butter..
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