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Message Subject If food stamp program is closed 'riots will start next day!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some churches help homeless with food,sanitary(showers) and even roof over their head
 Quoting: sos 25393243

Sure they do, that is if you join in their little cult of fairy tales and idol worship and show up for every service; and in many cases hand over your EBT card when you walk in the door settling for 1 meal a day while the church feeds the congregation with your stamps. Same case with many shelters.
Does the phrase "flash mobs" mean anything to you?
This takes place WITH food stamps, welfare, section 8
housing, disability etc.

If the so-called "safety net" broke and Obama's base
was left to fend for themselves, LOOK OUT.

You don't want to be within driving distance of any
metropolitan area in America, unless you're in an
armored personnel carrier.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25542941

As if food-stamps didn't exist pre-Obama, kinda like the free cell phones being available to the less privileged or disabled long before Obama yet it's now called the "Obama phone".
 Quoting: MuslimAmerican

It's called the Obamaphone because of a youtube video.
This humanoid is typical of Obama's base.

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