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Message Subject God thinks you are full of shit.
Poster Handle Stu
Post Content
throw away all the standard cliches about god

they're wrong.. every single one of them
 Quoting: Stu

SOOOOO, waaht you're saying!
As long as YOUR personal view is the reasoning..life is A'Okay for you as STU to describe gods personal persona?

Very "cliche" of you.

There's already 6 billion plus of you Aholes suching air as of now using the persona of "IMO"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25522791

you dont get it

think for yourself

stop being spoonfed the truth or whatever its called by todays chic society

think outside the box

but most of all thinking must coincide with your heart

I dont care what you think or 7 billion people think

if you must reject family and friends, then so be it

if you dont you may as well be dead

you are the walking parroted dead, chiming in and nodding your head in agreement with what all the other proles say simply because you are

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