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Message Subject God thinks you are full of shit.
Poster Handle Stu
Post Content
Lets start talking about betrayal...the ultimate taboo subject.
 Quoting: Stu


Everyone feels betrayed. Boo Hoo. You insulted my race, my mindset, my religion, my comfortzone, my lies (that I thought you would cover up), my faith in you, you betrayed my religious beliefs, you betrayed my trust, and ad nauseum...

Everywhere prevalent in society, someone is feeling betrayed, mom against pop, boyfriend/husb against girl/wife, offspring against family and so on.

What does this effervescent and very strong current of the sense of betrayal say about us as the human race?

Does it imply becoming all truthfull and non-betraying?

Of course not.

Human creativity wouldn't stand for it.
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