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Message Subject THIS IS A FANDANGO RANGER ALERT!! Backside Intel Comming in FAST!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been following the assumption thread even though I'm thousands of miles away

I've also been very restless the past few days and somehow I know that something major is going to happen very shortly (perhaps full out war in the middle east?) ... Israel is very keen for war (based on netanyahu's UN speach...I saw right through all the bullshit he spoke, and it was an exact copy of his 2002 speech about Iraq)

call it what you want ... perhaps just 'intuition', but I feel something major/tragic is 'brewing', and perhaps the sinkhole is just coincedence? ... assuming I am correct, the war start date was planned a long time ago
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20129820

It's too bad you can't have firearms......you seem to have a good grasp on everything else though....

Wasn't it jolly ol' England that imprisoned that farmer for shotgunning repeat thieves in his house?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10087337

I don't think that if I owned a firearm, it would avert the sinkhole crisis, or stop WWIII (or whatever has been 'planned')

we may not have firearms here in the UK, but when TSHF in the US, you may have to hand in your guns (they are already testing the ground with $1000 rewards for people who snitch on their mates who have unlicenced guns in the US)...when your firearms are licenced, you will be given a time in which to hand them in at your local policestation, or face a jail sentance (they done this in South Africa)

add that to the fact that there are 3 hollow point bullets for every US citizen in the US that was recently purchased, plus all the ready meals and thousands of FEMA coffins, I feel safer in the UK

then looking at Obama's recent debate, he looked very spooked even before he even opened his mouth

something very bad is definately 'brewing' ... and I can feel that (I am seldom wrong)

... hope I'm wrong though
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