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Message Subject Sitchin Ancient Alien work is Illuminati Psy-Op tied to Rothschild
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
right here at this time
I would like to take a moment
to show a parallel.

in a book called Piso Christ
it is shown that the New Testament
was written and funded by an elite
Roman family by the name of Piso.

shown in this thread

Thread: The True Authorship of the New Testament - The Roman Piso Family

the Ancient Alien agenda is being written
right now with an almost identical parallel.

the elite writing and funding the
Ancient Alien agenda today

the Piso family writing and funding
the New Testament in the 1st Century.
The Piso family was an elite bloodline
from Rome.

Rothschild is of the same bloodline.

History does repeat itself.
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