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Message Subject Sitchin Ancient Alien work is Illuminati Psy-Op tied to Rothschild
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The two NBC specials, which were produced by Alan Landsburg Productions of Los Angeles, have been syndicated and are still being shown on local stations, while a third Landsburg program, "The Outer Space Connection," premiered on NBC on March 3 of this year. Van Daniken, for his part; has written three more. books and, according to an article that appeared in The New York Times last August, 34 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. Thus, the movie, book publishing, and television industries procure audiences for one another, and the ancient-astronaut hype continues to grow.

NBC has defended its part in the hoax on the grounds that the programs were channeled through the entertainment rather than the news division. But this does not appease NBC's critics. Ronald Story, author of The Space-Gods Revealed, which was published last year and which systematically debunks van Daniken, has said: "I have a big complaint with the movie and TV producers. They've said, in effect, 'This is fact.' They've presented it as truth. It should have been labeled science fiction. "

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[link to www.timhackler.com]
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more from that link

Just how deceptive were the NBC programs? The tone of " In Search of Ancient Astronauts" is set when the announcer (Rod Serling) identifies von Daniken as "a German professor possessed of the mind of a scientist. " Van Daniken is neither German nor a professor. He is a former Swiss hotelkeeper who served two prison terms for embezzlement, forgery, and fraud, and who was described by a court-appointed psychiatrist as "a liar and a criminal psychopath. "
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