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Message Subject Sitchin Ancient Alien work is Illuminati Psy-Op tied to Rothschild
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you might want to ask yourself
why Zecharia Sitchen has a garden
memorial in the state of Israel
with 200 trees.

Was Sitchin a Zionist Jewish ???

Why is he a hero to the state of Israel ???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25521234

I have read the first six books by Sitchin. His writing was a bit laborious and repetitive. He had an outrageous thesis, the proof of which lay in his interpretation of the Sumerian cylinder seals held in various museums in Europe. His translations of Sumerian were never approved by academia. He wallowed in obscurity for many many years. His devout followers were the same people who frequent ufo/ new age expositions. I went to some of these events. His audiences were made up of elderly people and ancient astronaut enthusiasts. Sitchin was a jew raised in Israel and his work, especially where it pertained to the pantheon of Annunaki leader Gods seemed to run afoul of traditional Jewish thought. He was very hesitant about saying exactly where in its 3600 year orbit the planet Nibiru was. He was also very hesitant to mention which of the Annunaki Gods Yahweh was.

His seminal book THE TWELFTH PLANET was published in 1976. That is a few years after the tremendous splash that Erich Von Daniken made with his Chariots of the Gods books and especially the movie of the same title. If I were Soros or Rothschild, I would have bet all my chips on Von Daniken, because he had all the buzz and he was much more colorful in his interviews. Sitchin was a bit of a long winded bore.

If you read Sitchin's books in the order they are written, you will notice that after Genesis Revisited (1990), he began to pull in his horns and the books that followed were less "in your face". I believe that Sitchin in his old age wanted to go back to a more traditional life.

I spoke to him on the phone once regarding the Phobos incident. Mike Luckman, a reporter for the NY Post who often wrote articles about UFOs and MJ12, told me he had the negative of the photo of the object taken by the russian Mars probe Phobos just before the object rendered it inoperative. Luckman wanted $2,000. Sitchin balked at the offer.

I later met Sitchin at a whole life expo in the mid 1990s across the street from Penn Station in NYC. He signed my paperback copy of the 12th planet and came across as a relatively humble intellectual.

I sincerely doubt Sitchin was backed by some major league players like Soros or Rothschild. He questioned religious dogma as a child, and that questioning led to a lifetime spent chasing the so called Nephilim (those who fell from heaven to earth).
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