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Message Subject Sitchin Ancient Alien work is Illuminati Psy-Op tied to Rothschild
Poster Handle ST In BG
Post Content
Greetings: Anonymous Coward (OP): User ID: 25521234

so let me get this straight,

you say these records are on Nibiru

**The Ancient Of Records Are On Nibiru ... & Copies Of These ... Are Hidden Away ... On Terra/Earth !!

and you have seen them

**We Have Seen & Have Acessed The Knowledge !!

so you are saying that you
have been to Nibiru and returned
to post here today ???

**Our Energies ... The Energie Of EA/Enki ... Are On/Stationed On Nibiru !! ... As Well As Contained Within The Male Body/Bioform ... In 3rd Density ... On Terra/Earth !! ... The Being Known As Enki Therefore ... Is Of The Same Moment ... Simultaneously ... Both On Nibiru & On Terra/Earth ... Of Conections Back & Forth !!

Farewell For Now !!

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