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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God And Jesus Believer
Post Content
Hi, this is the original poster for this thread God and Jesus Believer.

My e-mail account jasminebubbly@gmail.com got taken over by an alternate "backup" e-mail account- by an old America Online (AOL) email account I had used for password retrieval I think because no matter what I can't remember the password to get in. AOL is with the serpent from what I can tell it looks like. Also Microsoft also seems to be with the serpent.

But so far it seems that Google and Twitter are safe from the serpent. Also godlikeproductions is safe from the serpent so far it looks like.

Also I'm not sure the validity of "Holy Spirit" but "The Holy Spirit" seems to be different. Be careful and take note of things, ask "The God of Jesus Christ" to help you.


It seems that the "Ogre Project" of Konami corporation and "Hideo Kojima" could be developing-

the controlling of human body thru magnified natural forces ("technology" and "magic") to emulate "demon possession" while mixing it with real demon possession (possibly thru the sinner's flesh, thoughts or actions) to try to make "Christians" believe the God Of Jesus Christ is not there for them and to try to make non-"Christians" believe that Jesus Christ was evil- like a black magician.

It is like the serpent of the Garden of Eden is still leading some humans astray from God just like how he led Eve and Adam astray from God.

Even I am skeptical and doing all the analysis and research I can- though at times I feel I'm lazy- but I understand that in order to find The Truth, this must be done.


In this article it says that (Hideo Kojima, I'm assuming, which can actually be the devil himself it seems like) the "Ogre Project" is created with the use of ogre (鬼) it seems to be written.

[link to www.vgarabia.com]
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