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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God and Jesus Believer
Post Content
Hi this is the original poster for this thread.

"Hebrew: Yahushua Ha Mashiach = Jesus The Messiah" = Might be Wrong. I'm sorry. Be careful what you believe and always test everything out.

Also "Yashua" as "God" = I'm sorry, that's incorrect I believe. But please keep testing as the "Ogre Project" seems very challenging and evil.

I'm sorry if I caused any trouble or inconvenience. Please forgive me. I still believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ until further notice, but so far that combination seems alright- not completely rid of demon possession yet but doing my best to research the different Bibles for the correct translations.

As a "Christian" I haven't really read the Bible much though I did attend a private Christian School when I was young- perhaps there were people in my childhood whom protected me with their prayers. Right now as an adult I've gone through very challenging times often feeling burnt out and tired of life- seemingly lazy and jaded- though getting by okay I suppose cuz God the Father and Jesus Christ Have Helped me.

Anyway, still trying to make my way through the Bible though it's hard for me to pay attention to and read it at times. Getting around to it. Anyway we all have our struggles and it can't be all about me so do your best guys!

God Bless!
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