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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God and Jesus Believer
Post Content
It has also been indicated to me by an "inside source" that Hideo Kojima is the Lord and the Anti-Christ.

There could be technology which uses demon(s) to mind control/body snatch people who believe in the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit being co-equal parts). In the New International Version of the Bible, Jesus the Christ said in John 14:28 that "the Father is greater" than him. I have not read a Bible verse said by Jesus which states that the Holy Spirit is co-equal to God the Father. The Holy Spirit is known as a Counselor- the Spirit of truth but not as God himself necessarily- referring to John 14:16-17.

At this time I'm careful of being body snatched completely (meaning blacking out- and being taken over by someone else to do things without my knowledge). To my knowledge, it happens when you give over rights to yourself knowingly or unknowingly to a demon spirit (or a program/technology utilizing demon spirits) who is not the Holy Spirit related to God the Father of Jesus the Christ. Also your accounts and property might be in jeopardy as well, so that's something to watch out for in such a situation.

I have seemingly been body snatched before briefly by blacking out by a seemingly counterfeit "Holy Spirit" (possibly emulated by body planted microchip related to U.S. government or CIA black project programs such as the so-called MK-ULTRA Monarch butterfly mind/body manipulation/control program which could be utilizing GPS, bio-monitoring and/or HAARP technologies, etc. that leads me to destruction.

Magic, magnified nature, magnets may be closely related. Manipulation of nature.
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