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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God and Jesus Believer
Post Content
Please read this article. It is regarding the U.S. government having access to online accounts.

[link to news.cnet.com]

"Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants. Proposed law scheduled for a vote next week originally increased Americans' e-mail privacy. Then law enforcement complained. Now it increases government access to e-mail and other digital files."

I think they are trying to stop people like me from exposing the truth to the public. They have been hacking into my online accounts I have a feeling because there are times I was locked out of my own online accounts not really knowing why.

This is my Twitter account, please read it as the information on it could be blocked next week if the bill is passed. [link to twitter.com (secure)]

Hideo Kojima and/or the people related to him have developed technology to emulate the Holy Spirit I have a strong feeling about. This would blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God the Father of Jesus the Christ - which would categorize it as an eternal sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God the Father of Jesus the Christ is an unforgivable sin.

I have strong indications and feelings that Hideo Kojima (and/or Konami and related people) wants to trick humans into blasphemizing against the Holy Spirit so it would mean eternal hell for them and to turn humans away from God the Father and Jesus the Christ.

I have had indications and signs that whoever is possessing Hideo Kojima's body at this point is the actual 666 beast of the Book of Revelation. Hideo Kojima is also born in 1964 which is the year of the dragon and could have a son/clone/body double who was born in 1976-1977 (another year of the dragon). I think Avi Arad (who's in charge of the Metal Gear Solid movie) also had involvement in making the video game Double Dragon. I did see two versions of who appeared to be Hideo Kojima at E3 2012 interactive entertainment trade show in Los Angeles.
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