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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God and Jesus Believer
Post Content
Peace Sign = Broken Cross of Jesus Christ

Web link URL to explanation:

[link to www.jesus-is-savior.com]

Hideo Kojima wearing the broken cross and posing with two other men in what appears to be for the New World Order agenda? To me, even though it appears to be for Peace Walker promotion, there's something anti-Christ about it with all the broken cross signs.

[link to postimage.org]

[link to postimage.org]

[link to postimage.org]

Notice that Hideo Kojima looks serious in all these photos, it doesn't look like he's fooling around in my opinion. What do you guys think? Does it look like he's in on the the New World Order agenda?

Hideo Kojima's autograph (perhaps during Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker promotion): [link to postimage.org]

Yoji Shinkawa's "peace sign" autograph with a drawing of Snake on a Sony PSP back in the year 2009: [link to postimage.org]

Hideo Kojima wearing what looks like a Freemasonry (Masonic) emblem
[link to postimage.org]

Is Hideo Kojima the anti-Christ? According to his Twitter account, he listens to a music group called Ultravox (which seems to be occult music)- the song he listens to is "Hymn". Ultravox also sings a song "Fear in the Western World" which lyrics are "Your picture of yourself is a media myth" and Jesus as Satan's lover and masterbation and New World Order-like circumstances. [link to www.songmeanings.net]

Also Hideo Kojima has ties with Sony Entertainment. Utada Hikaru also is or was with Sony Entertainment group I believe. Does Utada Hikaru seem demon possessed or Satan-possessed or Beast-possessed or Babylon-whore-possessed to you?

Does something about her seem kinda disturbing to you? Does she look like she's in a trance? Like something's off about her?

I recommended that her music video "Easy Breezy" is viewed in large screen mode in order to fully see what I perceive as "creepy" expressions on her face.

Utada Hikaru with a red Dragon background behind her in "Addicted to You" music video.

Also the Mantis boss ladies in MGS4 also seemed demon-possessed and in a trance. It appears to me that Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi, among other humans perhaps, look like they could be part of Monarch butterfly MK-ULTRA mind control- perhaps they use a microchip in order to easily induce demon-Satan-beast-possession or body snatching. However in Jesus' time, I don't think there were any microchips to induce demon possession, as in the Bible it states a demon threw a man down in Luke 4:35.

Hideo Kojima mentioned that he's currently working on "Ogre Project" which uses demons according to an article I read. I heard from one of his Hide-chan radio episodes, he mentions "akuma wo mita!" which I translate as "I saw the devil!".

I heard from a news article that the Yakuza in Japan say that they can tell who a fellow brother is because they have the "smell of the beast".
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