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Message Subject Konami's role in the New World Order?
Poster Handle God and Jesus Believer
Post Content
Read this article, true or fake? "Konami Spent 35 Million Dollars in 2011 on Clone Research, Hideo Kojima’s DNA Used" [link to p4r.buzzleberry.com]

Though I have doubts that the cloning was only done recently, I believe it could have gone on already for many many years. There's a possibility Hideo Kojima is linked to Barack Obama. [link to metalgear.wikia.com]

I remember seeing two different versions of Hideo Kojima at E3 2012 1st day. Both appeared to be grown men. I'm unsure if it is an illusion or not, but I have a feeling one of them could be the original Hideo Kojima. Also unsure whether or not I had been implanted with a microchip since infant age- however it seems likely I could be part of project MK-ULTRA if it does exist.

There is a possibility of illusions, a "cloak" of invisibility and possibly fallen angel shape shifters, however, they seem to be able to walk around invisibly.

There could be a possibility that Konami is backed by the U.S. government black projects. I could be a "beta tester" for their demon possession program before they implement it on the masses.

Hideo Kojima's Ogre Project may have emulation of soul ties, seductive spirits, deceptive spirits or illusions. King James Version writes "seductive spirits" in 1 Timothy 4:1-3. Whereas in the New International Version writes "deceiving spirits".

Check out Utada Hikaru's song lyric translation of "Amai Wana" about deceiving and seducing spirits [link to www.kiwi-musume.com]

I can confirm there are illusions which may or may not be fallen angels. I've seen people disappear when blinking or looking away.
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