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Message Subject #WARFIGHTING: 2 More Carrier Strike Groups on Way to Persian Gulf as Iranian Cyber-attacks Escalate
Poster Handle greg23
Post Content
Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari : Navy fleets to demonstrate Iranís power in free waters.

[link to www.mfs-theothernews.com]
 Quoting: DoorBert

Do you guys remember Saddam's saber rattling before the US invaded in 2003 ?

When he was saying he will unleash "the full might of the Iraqi army upon the western invaders" ?
And after 1 week there was nothing left of the Iraqi army, most of his planes never got off the ground and were destroyed on the airfields and his tanks were target practice for the M1 Abrams and the USAF ! 1rof1

OK, Iran isn't Iraq, but they won't last long either against a joint US-Israeli attack, the Iranian Navy officers are just say this to boost troop morale...what else are they gonna say ?
 Quoting: subzero86

I agree that Iran will not be able to defeat the joint forces of the U. S. and Isreal, how ever Iran has a lot more firepower than Iraq did. There will be a greater loss of life and equipment this time around.
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