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Message Subject I often think people are talking about me in code, am I crazy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Okay, one example, I'll speak to them in a way that i feel is out of character, distant, and judgemental, a way i come across when I am in a paranoid mood, and then ill hear them (parents) talking in the kitchen about the food, and say a really obvious question like "is that the casserole" or something (not the best example, its hard to think of one strangely, as they are all so profound at the time), and then i will interpret this as them seeking confirmation with each other about my mindstate and relationship with them, as in what type of person i am or i have begun, i feel like people dont know me and are constantly evaluating me because i am quite inconsistent, unlike how i used to be. ill try to think of some more.

thanks for the replys ppl
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