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Message Subject I often think people are talking about me in code, am I crazy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Okay, one example, I'll speak to them in a way that i feel is out of character, distant, and judgemental, a way i come across when I am in a paranoid mood, and then ill hear them (parents) talking in the kitchen about the food, and say a really obvious question like "is that the casserole" or something (not the best example, its hard to think of one strangely, as they are all so profound at the time), and then i will interpret this as them seeking confirmation with each other about my mindstate and relationship with them, as in what type of person i am or i have begun, i feel like people dont know me and are constantly evaluating me because i am quite inconsistent, unlike how i used to be. ill try to think of some more.

thanks for the replys ppl
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25226664

You`re indeed somewhat spaced-out, but everyone has phases like that. You probably drunk much lately, haven`t slept enough or well, etc.

Remain calm, and develop a habbit of observing the thoughts you have. Don`t have them/recieve them/think them. Do not try to analyze them, just observe and acknowledge them, and then let them pass.

Like, imagine your real self deep down inside of you, and all thoughts that are coming in on a Screen in your head. Do not get emotionally attached to them. They don`t refer/belong to "You". They refer to things you said, you did, etc.

That will make it easier to deal with them, and also easier to eventually figure them out.

This is a technique for meditation and ego-control. They will help you as well.

And people talking in "code" using everday language, isn`t some phenomenon that purely exists in the head of a shizophrenic. Its very real. Kids do it all the time. Hell, they often exclusively talk in codes the whole day.

And propably it is not "always about you", but the last ten times you payed attention, it indeed was about you. Just had a streak. Happens.
Probably your behaviour lately was somewhat out of the ordinary, or people just don`t have anything better to talk about.
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