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Message Subject I often think people are talking about me in code, am I crazy?
Poster Handle Spickets
Post Content
Hi op. I experienced pretty much the same thing a couple of years ago. It was not fun at times, I couldn't seem to escape it. Didn't matter where I would go there was always messages directed at me...
The radio, tv, family, friends or phone calls from strangers... Debt collectors.
Scared the hell out of me.

I still hear things but no where near as much. I feel like I learned from my experience and in a strange way miss it a little.. Lol
 Quoting: Spickets

It's good to know there are people out there who have experienced the same thing as me, even though its a bad thing. How exactly did you get over it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25226664

It did my head in for a fair while.
I confronted a couple of close friends on separate occasions about what it was they were talking about ( in code). They didn't know what I was talking about. This was very humiliating.
It continued even with those friends, it seemed as though I shouldn't have asked and I was a dumbass.

Some of the messages related to bad choices I had made in the past and had swept under the rug... All the stuff in the back of my mind, my baggage had come back to teach me a lesson.

Caused me a lot of stress at home and work.
Ended up seeing a shrink and going on medication for psychosis. The meds took me out of the worst of it.
I stopped taking them after 2 months. I really didn't like to be on 'meds'

I think it was the recreational drugs I had taken that made it bad. I haven't done any drugs since and I try to make better choices and not be selfish.
As I said I still hear it a bit but It doesn't worry me.

Use it to look at yourself and become a better person.
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