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Message Subject I often think people are talking about me in code, am I crazy?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It could be the subconscious part of the brain highlighting something that you need to know.

I had a patch where this happened but rather than what people said it was more words or pictures that stood out.

I also seemed to be reading messages in the Telegraph cross word.

I later found out there are messages there.Put there deliberately.

Try and treat it as a bit of a joke from the universe to you.

It is quite frightening when the subconscious takes over.

I found that I was driving to my destination unable to remember the journey.

I was worried but what seemed to have happened that instead of monitoring every move in driving the car I had done this so often it had become like breathing or walking, say.

The main thing is not to panic and worry.

It could be the cosmic joker who invents particles for physicists trying to interact with you ...Only joking.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23751949

When we talk about subconscious, we are speaking of things going on in our minds at the threshold of our ability to be aware of it. Yet the mind is hugely complex with things going on well below our ability to be aware of it. Things we do not know for sure, but suspect. The human mind may be able to pick up energies from others and may try to make sense of signals and images before they are presented to the minds eye. We have no real idea, just speculation about what goes on below our threshold of awareness. But you can be pretty sure that your mind has processed a lot of information before presenting an image of say, a coded message" to the conscious minds eye.
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