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Subject Threads 1983 Film so spooky to real live events going on right now.
Poster Handle Resdes
Post Content
Threads (nuclear war) 1983 which I havent seen for so long, I actually watched last night, as I was watching this film, so many things that are going on right now, connects with this movie, I was gob smacked.

Its a very moving movie, real does make you think, not so much about the actual war, but the real after effects for years to come.

Every World Leader should watch this movie.

Connections to the Movie:

1) Russia and the US go to war over Iran
2) New laws brought in, which are still in place in the UK, where the government can take your home, take over supplies, Food etc, (Same kinda of rules brought in to the USA over the last few years)
3) conceration camps set up for the survivors (Fema Camps?)

If you have never seen this movie, watch it, its so close to what is happening now, it really is spooky and worrying!

[link to www.youtube.com]
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