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Message Subject Threads 1983 Film so spooky to real live events going on right now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Entertainment Only.

Nothing in War ever happens as forecast,
or understood by the masses, especially
in 1983. This is 2012. It may be 2013.
Technology has made nuclear missiles
OBSOLETE. The public does not yet understand
that fact, but they shall.
Star Wars, Scalar, Torsion Fields, Plasma Beams,
EMPs, Electronic Dead Zones, so much is reality
now.. and is ready to be implemented in Real Time
 Quoting: RDprofessor

how about this:

your opinion of what is 'obsolete' and what will be used or not used in battle is about as FUCKING STUPID as your statement that 'nothing in war happens as forecast'.

likely you are some type of self important arm chair general that has no clue whatsoever as to what will or won't happen because you sit and read volumes of material which inflates your fat ego and putrifies your mind.
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