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Message Subject Threads 1983 Film so spooky to real live events going on right now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Entertainment Only.

Nothing in War ever happens as forecast,
or understood by the masses, especially
in 1983. This is 2012. It may be 2013.
Technology has made nuclear missiles
OBSOLETE. The public does not yet understand
that fact, but they shall.
Star Wars, Scalar, Torsion Fields, Plasma Beams,
EMPs, Electronic Dead Zones, so much is reality
now.. and is ready to be implemented in Real Time
 Quoting: RDprofessor

If you want to sell a nuclear war to the military, you tell them that you already have a working plasma-based ICBM-denial system (that is, a working anti-missile shield) in place. Security clearance will prevent any general not in the loop from finding out that such a system, although truly in existence, consists of only some half a dozen of units.

Even if combined to achieve maximum efficiency, those units will take out just a few dozen missiles. Hundreds of others will penetrate this, so-called, 'shield' and they will detonate over their targets.

But that is not the most important piece of information. What is important to know is that those units are there to protect certain, very specific, bases (joint bases, both physically and in terms of their occupants), of which there are no more than a dozen within the U.S. territory. The number of existing units is quite adequate for that purpose, and that purpose only, and that number will not be increased. Ever.

Taking those units out before the war starts, by any means available, should be the top priority. Alternatively, one may also consider using on them some of those nuclear bunker busters, just after ICBMs start flying all over the place. This move may be commonly known as Dieing Man's Gambit, but if preformed correctly, it can achieve more devastating effect that any other in existence.

Set your priorities correctly and you will have nothing to regret about later. The first and topmost priority should be maximum first strike damage to the enemy. One's own losses will be heavy regardless of what one does or doesn't do, and for that reason alone, paying any attention to them matters very little in the final analysis.

Maximum reduction of enemy's fighting capabilities is the first priority. Capturing and adapting the fighting hardware is the second.

If you succeed at reaching that second priority, someone will have to teach that weak AI inside those captured hardware how to move around like a hunter. Fighting will always be pilot's job.
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