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Message Subject What's going on? Gas wells in TX over pressure!
Poster Handle notgonna
Post Content
From my training and experience with sub-surface oil and gas deposits, these symptoms seem legit. In my mind could be caused by two things, neither good:

1- Crustal movement compressing the deposit temporarily until stress is relieved by pressure breakthrough into a new pocket or escape to atmosphere.
2- Massive artificial intervention in the deposit resulting in a temporary increase in pressure over the entire field (would require enormous amounts of energy)

Any geologists care to comment?

 Quoting: asparien

Not a geologist, but am wondering if those good at maps could monitor elevation change for that area as maps will tell you the date and elevation of a given year. If anyone good at this could post the info, it might be one key to monitor this ongoing crisis.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25450516

My car GPS is pretty darn accurate. Shows my house at 602 ft above Sea Level and goes down to 600 by the end of my street, which is slightly but not exceedingly obvious to the naked eye. . I live in Texas, just west of the outer edge of the balcones escarpment so I would NOT anticipate any movement for me anyway and today it shows as it always has. Our neighborhood (a pretty big one) was one of the few around here that refused to sign over mineral rights for drilling. Another topic but the DFW area is basically one huge residential NG drilling site now...

Have people in LA or East Texas with GPS ability seen any difference or are we talking inches and not feet that GPS might not pick up on...
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