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Message Subject What's going on? Gas wells in TX over pressure!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
are the "wells" on a fault line?

As you know, all the tectonic plates are separating and going back to the way they were before they all came together as theyare now.

Iam wondering if Father is doing this because wehave become such a Sodomistic mess, He feels he must separate us again, as He did during the time of The Tower Of Babble.

Or, or course it could be the End Times, or HAARP.

The End Times involves a lot. In order to get our attention, and make believers of us, Satan is going to have to duplicate much of the prophecy in the Bible ( in other words: perform many “miracles”), before, with our collective blessing, he can take possession of the thrown at the Vatican.

Our acceptance of Satan will be when we accept the 666 Mark Of The Beast, our salvation and ticket into Hell.
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