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Message Subject What's going on? Gas wells in TX over pressure!
Poster Handle siniXster
Post Content
More trouble in paradise...OP I would heed the advice of those that said to GTFO of Dodge, at the least be very vigilant of the situation, it is escalating.

We were warned specifically about this scenario right down to the location, you are not safe. Unfortunately we don't know exactly where safe is, we've been experiencing out-gassing in areas all over the CONUS, as far north as Michigan. I don't feel entirely safe here. Yesterday there were reports of rumbling and loud booms with no seismic activity to explain it away in the San Diego area, they may be connected as well, getting the point?

Read or at least glaze over the Don't make ASSUMPTIONS Thread, it will explain everything. One or more of the 'insider' poster's on that thread are from your area and were already well aware that this would happen.

Thank you for the intel, stay safe.
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