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Message Subject What's going on? Gas wells in TX over pressure!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oil supply is hundreds of times less than what they say.

It all started in 01 when Iraq was going to go public with this info. So we bombed them and took control of their government.

The missing $2.3 trillion went to the Saudis to keep the oil coming our way.

They are so desperate for energy they are willing to destroy the planet with fracking just so the economy and our way of life doesn't disappear.

Think I'm bullshitting. Research what the major players are saying. A former Saudi oil official is on record saying that "proven oil reserve" numbers are hugely inflated. If you google "we are running out of oil," you'll find so many stories that confirm this yet tons of stories that say we have plenty of oil. All the disinfo out there should be alarming.

This is peak oil folks. All the published numbers on oil is one big lie. Think about that. They can never tell us the real statistics because if we knew supplies were drying out it would crash the entire system.

Just look around and see what's happening. Saudi Arabia is building solar farms, China has major plans for several nuclear plants, and the US is engaging in dangerous fracking operations.

Game over soon. Real doom is coming.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10957384

Right on the money, literally! "Crude Awkening" film is educational. Look at all the dead oil fields in the US, and for those old enough, remember when this Country thought they would swim in black gold forever?

Desperate people do desperate things and those who need to keep slaves to line their pockets with gold will do anything to keep this oil driven conceptual reality fueled and running.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25450516

Peak oil has nothing to do with the amount of oil available, but with flow rates, EROEI--energy returned on energy invested. The oil left is the hard to extract and process kind, it's not that the era of oil is over, it's that the era of cheap oil is over, barring a technological miracle, we are living on the other side of the energy curve, the results will not be pretty for a people use to a certain way of life.
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