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Message Subject What's going on? Gas wells in TX over pressure!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hey OP, just curious on some small details here. Are you sure you are taking about a relief valve and not a by-pass or recycle valve? From my understanding a relief valve is not designed to relieve on a daily basis. This would prematurely fatigue the relief spring and make it inoperable.

And just to clarify, a Process Relief Valve (PRV) is designed to relieve back into the process stream. A Process Safety Valve (PSV) is an emergency device designed to relieve to the atmosphere or flare.

One more thing, you say you calibrate communications equipment, so are you calibrating the actual relief or the comm equipment?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10743136

If anything this sounds even more like a cyber attack. Valves or regulators being messed with to try to shutdown production, or worse over pressure lines and blow them. Lots of talk of middle east gas and oil infrastructure cyber attacks.
 Quoting: Fred 25488548

Hey Fred, this is possible to a certain point, but not likely. Most but not all electronic systems on oil and gas infrastructure have pneumatic shutdowns that over ride all electronic signals. Without going into lengthy details that would bore you to tears, these pneumatic controls would prevent over pressure IF they have pneumatics. Most do, but some do not. For further comfort, stations are manned 24/7 and operators would correct these conditions.
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