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Message Subject Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content
The Constitution guarantees that we will have our day in court. King Barry thinks he can do this, but there is no way it will hold up in court. Our best bet is get the Marxist out of the White House. Anyone that doesn't see this election is the most important election in modern times is just sticking their head in the sand.
 Quoting: Epic Beard Guy

To reestablish the constitution, using the establishment will NOT WORK. The top is protected by those who trade liberty for safety; evil is sanctioned by the law.

How can Americans possibly support the destruction of their country? Self peservation? Who are the 'animals' here? Is self preservation the only priority of Americans today? And beating up the weak, selectively enforcing the law against those without power? Without connections?

Or is there no law or justice? It MUST be this way: there must be no enforcement whatsoever for 'AS ABOVE, SO BELOW' to be the law; for 'Do as thou Wilt' to be the law; and it IS the law, so be it. If not, then these are just words; meaningless. If there is NO ENFORCEMENT, then the law is whole, and intact.

Therefore, as said before, we exist in a type of defacto Anarchy; a limbo while they complete the "process". The implications are vast; from taxation to non obligation. An authority over the federal government can overturn your ownership of all things, especially real estate. They can tax indian casino's, put america on a 99 year lease and trade it on wall street as secured derivatives, usurp private ownership rights, and would enjoy lots of other privaleges as global authority above the federal government.

Not to mention dumping the liabilites of the US; such as social security, medicare, and the national debt.

The way of things is the elitist transferring power from America to their global authoritarian rule. This is in NO ONES interest, but theirs. where is the 'buy in'>? Where is the sense that we all have an interest in this? It looks like only the elite will rule under the same type of illegitimate system: rule by force.

They control their minions and lackeys by making them think they are part of a secret organization; part of the big picture; yet unless you are at the very TOP, you are an object to them; you a part of a pyramid within a grander pyramid. You are a tool; working for an end that will hurt the future generations you seek to protect. SO CALL A SPADE A SPADE; the selling out of america is being done by those in authority who think they are part of something they are not; those with badges; those with american flag patches on their arm. Like Kissinger said; military men (police, enforcement) are dumb animals to be used for foreign policy. i.e. the elitist agenda.

Assimilation is gone; more and more people are learning the truth; learning the 'top to bottom' dictatorship is non representative.
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