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Message Subject Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When George Douche signed the Patriot Act I had a bad feeling that the government was setting itself up for absolute power and THAT is always followed by evil. Then Omammy reinforced it and I knew we were under attack. Then the Safe Food Act, The Safe Communities Act, The NDAA and the Mass Casualities Disposal Act, now the Take Your Money Act, and the Shoot You Dead from the Drone Executive Order and I guess they have all the bases covered.

When the fools reply with the "I have nothing to worry about if I'm not doing anything wrong" line or the "This only applies to terrorists" bullshit, they will need to be reminded of the Marine in Arizona that was gunned down in his own home to be brought back to reality.

The sad part is that when most of the sheep are rounded up and they ask why are you doing this to me, they will be told, "IT'S THE LAW", to which they will bleat, "Oh, ok" and wimper their way into the camps. When the Nazi's began their Final Solution about 300,000 people fled for their lives but 6,000,000 waited around for the free showers. History is repeating and we are too damned stupid to see it.
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