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Message Subject Iran can amass a swarm of 10,000 speed boats with cruise missiles
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To the brainwashed sheeple who dont apprehend the meaning of the word asymmetrical warfare, carriers and such crap belong to the dinasour period and are technically Obsolete like it or not.
One missile costing 100 thousand dollars can shot a plan/tank that costs millions of dollars.

Regarding the Iranian technology, the latset hit was the drone that flew all over the Israeli defences without being discovered.

The drone flew past the unifil control in southern Lebanon, past the Nato based ships outside the Lebanese cost, past the Israeli radar defences all along the cost of Israel including the iron domes and flew above the X-band radar of the US in the Negev desert without being detected.

If this technology is not enough of a proof then wait for the shit to hit the fan in a war and then its too late.

Stop bragging and get real.
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