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Message Subject Iran can amass a swarm of 10,000 speed boats with cruise missiles
Poster Handle Erectus
Post Content
Simple minds. NEVER in the history of warfare has a narrow spectrum weapon made a wide spectrum weapon obsolete. Only another wide spectrum weapon can do that.

Examples. The torpedo (narrow spectrum) did not make the battleship obsolete. It took a carrier (an even wider spectrum weapon) to do that. The anti-aircraft missile has not the airplane obsolete. The anti-tank missile has not the tank obsolete.

On barren test ranges it would appear that an anti-tank missile makes a tank useless. A $20,000 advanced missile can hit a $20,000,000 tank from a couple of miles away with 90% accuracy, right?

Of course it can. But how effective are those same missiles against a tank division bearing down at 30 miles an hour with rolling artillery ahead of them, with smoke screens (to prevent visual laser sighting) and flares popping everywhere (to disorient thermal guidance)? And then at closer ranges automatic mortars and heavy machine guns start spreading death and destruction. How effective are those exposed missile infantry troops now?

Narrow spectrum weapons are threats that if not guarded against are game changers. That is all. They make things more dangerous and thus require resources and/or tactical doctrine changes to mitigate.

Take a military history class or a modern warfare class....or read a damn book before declaring absurdities.
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