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Message Subject Iran can amass a swarm of 10,000 speed boats with cruise missiles
Poster Handle Informed
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25047532

do you even realise what equipment our navies have, and the training they go through?

do you REALLY believe speedboats, no matter how many of them they have, hold ANY fear for them?


honestly guys, get out more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25311324

Let us try to explain:

The video is propaganda and Iran doesn't have 10 000+ speeds boats, but they have thousands. Of cause a minority of them are missile boats, but they are still in the hundreds.

The mistake of western militaries is the obsession of weapon platforms. The bigger and more sophisticated they are is important. UK shows this in their great mistake called the Type 45 destroyers.
Even if they have an impressive amount of weapons and counter systems itís still just ONE target.

Platforms always come second to the weapons. Itís no more than what the name says - a platform.
Itís much better to fire 100 missiles from 100 small cheep platforms then from a few very expensive ones.

Iran shows understanding in this in every field; even then it comes to their midget subs Ghadir, which have 21Ē torpedo tubes just like the biggest submarines.
They can deliver the same blow, are harder to detect, much cheaper to build and can therefore be built in large numbers.
Theyíre in the top 10 list of nasty surprises for their enemies to be.

How about better radars and tracing systems some may argue. It doesnít really matter in an asymmetric warfare were the enemies quantity is big enough. Soviet painfully taught the quality superior Germany this during WWII. Strange the west didnít learn from it.

Then hundreds of small threats approx, you canít defend against them all. Not even with the most advanced systems. Even if you theoretically can track them you canít fire at them simultaneously. Not to talk about decision-making and other human factors.
Whish one has missiles, mines, divers or maybe even nothing on board? You want know before the missile is fired and then itís far too late, especially in the narrow waters of the Hormuz straight.

We can say for sure that the losses of US and the other aggressors will be for them surprisingly high.
 Quoting: Informed

Huge problem with your theory:

Iran's latest ďcarrier killerĒ missile has a 185-mile range.

Tomahawks and F/A-18E/F Super Hornets are launched from 400 to 1,000 miles offshore.

You do the math logistically and you will see how they will fail. I guess we will wait for these 10,000 speedboats to travel 500+ miles towards us before we do anything right?
 Quoting: Nosaj

Have you even read what we wrote?

"... narrow waters of the Hormuz straight."

Everything in there and most parts of the Persin Gulf is more or less sitting ducks.

Did you get it now?
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