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Message Subject Iran can amass a swarm of 10,000 speed boats with cruise missiles
Poster Handle Erectus
Post Content
What idiot would sail a carrier into the strait of Hormuz while in a war with Iran?
 Quoting: Erectus 25527599

USA of course, you know the dying nation inhabited mostly by fat stupid idiots. :-)

Actually, it was close to war earlier this year. Several state leaders of the West were taken to wartime bunkers and bombers left Diego Garcia among other base.

That very night one US carrier was in the Persian Gulf close to the Strait of Hormuz and "rushed" back towards the 5: th fleets base in Bahrain. Another carrier was close to Iranís southern shore and went full ahead southwards.

Of unknown reasons the bombers were recalled. Nevertheless, if the Iranian thought it was an attack and decided to act, at least one carrier would have been decorating the bottom of the Gulf today.
 Quoting: Informed

And Iran would be a memory.

I agree with the US being inhabited by fat idiots. I have to deal with them daily and have often fantasized about a shooting spree to rid my beloved country of some of them, especially when some fat ass takes up the whole damn isle in the grocery store and waddles their sweaty fat ass along so damn slow that it takes me ten minutes just to get down the cooking grease isle.

The fact remains though that the US military acts very prudently. It's doctrine has not yet proven unsound. It will fight at the time and place of it's choosing under only favorable conditions....because it can. The idea that US forces will be defeated because of simple idiocy is wishful thinking. That won't happen until the dumb ass politicians start trying to give tactical orders.
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