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Message Subject Romney (aka Bush -Cheney) means 8 dollar gas in about 2 years; Obama means Gold/Silver prices SOAR
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do the math. Every president has an econimic interest tied to it. You cannot deny this. Look at Bush Cheney. Oil hit new highs.

New highs now means pain for all of us; if you think romney is change for the better; better think again.

Us regular folks (non billionaires) need to fill our tanks.
 Quoting: Dr.DoomLittle

dumbass. Gas has doubled under obummer. At least the repugs will drill.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1419030

You apparently have only been getting your info from Rush Limpballs, who has NO IDEA how Gasoline(Petrol)is made or what causes a shift in gas(& Diesel)prices....

Drilling will do NOTHING to effect the price of gas...it's all about supply and demand which is tied directly to THE REFINING CAPACITY...IE: it does not matter how much of the "Black stuff" you pump, if you can't refine it, what good is it.

STOP listening to Rush he's a DUMBASS!
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