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Message Subject have a mega zit in my butt, what to do? Really, medical help
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
first off, I am not a "medical" professional, schooled at one of their "medical" training centers. Secondly, the advice I give you is just that, advice.

now, the first thing you want to do is get the following items:

sharp pin
cotton balls
wad of toilet paper
razor blade or scalpel
hydrogen peroxide

then you may need a friend or relative, preferably a spouse to act as an assistant.

let's proceed!

first, drop your trousers and undies. Then stand with your legs spread widely and use the mirror to assess the situation down there.. What you will probably see is a big ugly sore that is extremely painful to the touch. That is what is causing you all of this grief.

secondly, use the lighter to sterilize the pin and the razor blade. Then use those items to poke or slice the object into pieces. It will ooze a bloody, watery mixture but the pain should go away immediately. Then take the cotton balls and soak them with alcohol. Wipe the area thoroughly. After the stinging subsides, dry the area with the toilet paper and then put hydrogen peroxide on it.

that's it! Your all done. Clean yourself up and go to McDonalds.

your welcome!
 Quoting: RF 1287633

^^^ This ^^^ I don't have medical insurance, and this is what I would do. You want to bleed it and squeeze it to get your blood moving. Once you start to get fresh blood running through the area, your own immune system will take care of it.
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