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Message Subject "SUDDEN DEATH" - rULE 113: The "SURPRISE!" Part of the "October Surprise" is that it Will be in EARLY NOVEMBER!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the "devil's" world (illusory), and we'll eventually escape it (when we want to). In the meantime, it's good to know what we're dealing with.

I think what we're seeing is a battle between two fake gods.

In this corner is Yahweh, one or more astronauts that went freewheeling through the universe some time ago and landed here. They did not want to work, so they genetically engineered humans to be slaves.

While this group was taking care of that, some of these astronauts were "taking care of business," having sex with Earth women. We'll call the leader of this group "Satan," as that's what everyone else calls him.

Satan's group got in trouble for getting our girls pregnant, and were "cast down" to the Earth, while other astronauts - Yahweh - either left or remained in charge, but went behind the scenes.

Today, I think what is prophesied is that these two groups will battle. It's not God against Satan, the master of disaster. It's two groups of astronauts, and we're basically in the middle. Our best bet? I mentioned it above. Choose God - the real one, our Heavenly Father, Choose reality. Choose life! And don't fall for the games and stories of the astronauts. They have chosen the illusion, thinking they'd rather be princes in "hell" than helpers hearts in Heaven. I'll choose the "servant in Heaven" role, thank you! I like to help others, and that seems an ideal life, to me.
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