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Message Subject "SUDDEN DEATH" - rULE 113: The "SURPRISE!" Part of the "October Surprise" is that it Will be in EARLY NOVEMBER!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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O. k., this guy has been getting a lot of confirmations about what the illuminati have planned - please look at his channel. The latest ones look like there may be something horrible happening on Saturday, November 3rd.

This makes sense, because it is right before the elections. Barry "Barack Obama" Soetoro MUST be in office for the illuminati plans to unroll the way they want them to. A "SUDDEN DEATH" event will necessitate emergency action, and elections will be suspended.

Please take a look at this video, then go to his channel. This may be it, folks, and I really wanted you to know. I don't think there's any way to prepare, other than praying for cleansing and guidance, but here is a chance to pray for yourself, your family, your friends, and perfect strangers!

Please watch the whole thing, and keep in mind the illuminati symbolism of pyramids, etc. Know that a lot of celebrities are only stars because they do what they're told to. Also, I don't necessarily believe everything he says, but, if something is happening three weeks from now, I wanted you to know.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25543301

Bible quotes??

So before believing this, does this guy have an accurate track record/predictions etc?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2143478

Here's the thing about the Bible. There's a lotta good stuff in there! Not just spiritual quotes, but there's also history. So, if SOME of it is true, it can be a valuable resource. I'm not one that believes ALL of it is true. I mean, you would not believe some of the things in there. In the Old Testament, for example, it shows "God" as a blood-thirsty, megalomaniac, who seems to just like killing people for fun. I believe he told someone to eat poop, at one point. That's not God! That is, as I mentioned above, some freewheeling astronauts who thought it would be a hoot to come here and screw with us. Literally.

But there is valuable stuff in there. It gives us an idea of what these astronauts did, the lies they told, the promises they made, the astounding technological feats of which they were capable. So, if you examine the Bible, you will see that astronauts ruled the earth for many years. Kleck is right about that.

Why do I believe that what he's saying about 11/3 - and he doesn't even make a huge, huge point of November 3rd, per se, but I think that is what the message is, when you take the confirmation he got from his friend who saw the time of "1:13" on the ceiling. It makes sense, given everything else I know. See, that's another difficulty. I've been studying this subject, and the subject of spirituality much longer, and this adds up for me. I'll talk more about why as we go along.

Another thing that figures in, and it may seem out of left field, but it isn't. Why is a Kenyan president? It's well known that Barack Obama cannot prove he was born in Hawaii, because he wasn't. But WHY do we have to have this particular guy in the White House at this time? It's not because he's black, because there are plenty of eligible black men and women in America that could have made the grade. Why Obama?

Check out his speech at ground zero, and see what you make of it. Keep in mind that the premise is, this particular group of astronauts and illuminati have had these plans for a long time, and this period in history is supposed to be the culmination point. It's HUGE for them. They want to take over the whole planet, and run it their way, and not in a way that is more fair, more loving, more environmentally friendly. They apparently don't care about the environment. Or us - definitely not us! But they're trying to set the stage, and they do it with every movie, TV show, commercial, billboard, and other media and even products you buy in the store, that they can:

And, by itself, that shows nothing. But start putting all the lies together, the Monsanto madness, the continued murders in Afghanistan, the horrible performance at the debate (you know he wasn't a full professor, and didn't even submit an article as "editor" of the Harvard Review?). You have to look at everything, and put it all together. I'm just going to come out and say it: Obama is the antiChrist. Which is pathetic, really. You'd think their big guy could make a better showing. But he's working for what he thinks is evil, so what do you expect?
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