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HAARP Alaska

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United States
10/14/2012 10:59 AM
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HAARP Alaska
Did any of you know that every time HAARP is used for any of a number of effects that they send through a freqcuency modess opperendum.That the weather in different parts of the US and World are changed within hours of operation forward motion transmission.Be warned people this deivice has many uses.Since its first trial motion forward transmission there have been climate changes and weather fluctuations throughtout the World.Should you question this message before you speak out research all of what I am telling you.All this information with some hard work is proven to be true.Our millitary goverment is not telling you all the real story.Wake up !Be informed Do not beleave what is put on the television for news it is controlled by our millitary and the Department of Defence.Seek other avenues for the correct resources for information our goverement is lying to all of us and has been for a long time.I wish I could say more but I will be found and gaged again.Search and keep searching there is so much more all of you need to know about what is coming after December 2012 it is not the end it is THE CHANGE mark these words as gospel, as you begin to start your research. THE CHANGE will shock most of you.Our goverment has been in tough with the others that right the others they are and have been visiting us here for a long time.They will make their pressence known,an introduction if you will.Our millitary and others involved are just waiting for the correct allignment of destination and national security deliverence protocal. In addition to the THE CHANGE there is going to be a huge climate rotaional shift it has been in the works for some time now.The life we are used to living will change drastically.Be informed be aware and research for your selves.Take the blinders off and wake up America.

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Stand on High Ground